About Russell and Angela

For Russell Grace, light is an enigmatic partner that he has been dancing with all his life. As the grandson of James Taylor Harwood, one of the forerunners of the American Impressionist Movement, he inherited both a passion for art and an unwavering fascination with the power of light. Inspired by the painters of his grandfather’s era, Russell enjoyed photographing scenes that celebrated light and explored its transformative qualities; and he quickly became known for his vibrant images of Gulf Coast sunsets and lush Southeastern landscapes.


As much as he enjoyed working with color, he was also drawn to traditional black and white photography; and he was increasingly intrigued by infrared images. The technical elements of this process seemed fairly straightforward. Standard photography records light that is reflected from the surfaces of the objects we see, whereas infrared photography uses special film and filters to capture light reflections that we cannot see. By blocking out all of the visible light, infrared photographs allow us to access part of the light spectrum that is normally beyond the reach of human eyes.

Early in his journey toward mastering the capabilities and limitations of infrared photography, Russell participated in the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival in Pensacola, Florida. That’s where he met Angela Kullmann. Angela worked in marketing and event planning, and she especially enjoyed being involved with local art fairs.

Bringing talented artists to her community and helping them to have successful shows was incredibly gratifying for her. As the couple began spending more time together, Angela helped Russell with a few marketing-related projects. Soon they were immersed in an infrared world; and working side-by-side was so lovely that the show organizer even married the artist!

Soon they were completely obsessed with infrared, but existing processes for this technique became an obstacle to achieving their vision. Drawing on Russell’s technical expertise and Angie’s affection for trial and error, they developed a one-of-a-kind pastiche process that blends the best ideas of the past and present. They derive great satisfaction from using film in a digital era; but they are equally proud that they have found ways to incorporate cutting-edge printing technologies without disregarding the traditional tools of the medium or the wisdom of the photographers who came before them.

In 2012, we officially launched the infrared collection; and we have been delighted to see others fall under the spell of this unique form of photography. We love introducing people to scenes from all over America and giving them an opportunity to experience their country in an entirely new way. The surreal nature of infrared photography creates an emotional landscape that is radiant and pure. It makes us reconsider our connection to the familiar, and it makes the unfamiliar seem otherworldly. From the

stunning to the solemn, to the most whimsical of confections, these ethereal images truly do allow us to see America in the best possible light.

~ Russell & Angie

Art Show Juror/Judge Credentials

  • Professional photographer for more than 20 years.
  • Owned Images of Tallahassee Gallery for 14 years. 
  • Developed curriculum and serves as photography instructor for Lively Technical Center.
  • Has served as juror/judge for several shows including the Council on Culture and Arts in Tallahassee, a Florida Communities Trust Photography Contest and a multi-media art show in Albany, Georgia.
  • Has participated in top art festivals including the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado; Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Coconut Grove, Florida and the Festival of the Masters in Orlando, Florida.
  • Has received numerous awards and recognition including awards at the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival in Pensacola, Florida; the National Shrimp Festival in Alabama, ArtsQuest in Destin; Mayfair by the Lake in Polk County; the Council on Culture and Arts in Tallahassee and Kodak's International Photography contest. 
  • Has had work published in local, regional and national publications, including National Geographic.
  • Has had work shown in a variety of gallery exhibits and displayed in locations that include the Tallahassee Regional Airport, The "Swamp", Doak Campbell stadium, Sligo Ireland (Tallahassee's sister city), numerous offices and public areas throughout FSU, UF and the capitol and a special memorial exhibit ain the cancer wing at Tallahassee Memorial.